Upbeat PM Narendra Modi plays taiko drums, wows Japanese businessmen

Sitaraman Shankar, Hindustan Times Tokyo, September 02, 2014

A day after signing a clutch of DEALS with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe, Narendra Modi was in upbeat mood on Tuesday – and this time he wowed a set of suited businessmen by playing traditional Taiko drums with great verve.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi plays the Taiko drums in Tokyo
Modi’s performance came at the launch of Tata Consultancy Services’s Technology and Cultural Academy, a programme to send young Japanese employees to India for training in technical and cultural skills.

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Another Proofs of Incompetency of Dr A K Singh, DOP and Dr Vijay Veer, Director, DRL, Tezpur

In DRDO HR and Misadministration problems are in peak and these are only due to incompetent scientists who are looking DRDO administration on the advice of foreign elements that is AFHQ cadre officials who are in deputation and enjoying DRDO facilities. These officials arein deputation in DRDO and they don’t have any, accountability and loyalty with DRDO and not concerned about reputation of DRDO.

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Sharply increasing the number of Court Cases in DRDO

To                                                                                                       1st September 2014
Sh Arun Jaietly Ji,
Defence Minister,
Room No 104, South Block,
New Delhi – 110011

Subject:  Sharply increasing the number of Court Cases in DRDO


The DRDO top officials are not bothering the increasing numbers of court cases. It is not linear increase but it is in multifold, from CAT to High Court followed to Supreme Court.

As a learned lawyer you can very well understand the clients mental status when someone involve in court. Scientists or technical official who are engaged in court business than expectation of product output from them is futile.

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From the pages of History

In 1980 when Smt Indira Gandhi was Prime Minister and Sh A. B. A. Ghani Khan Choudhury was union Minister Energy, Coal and irrigation. Sh  Choudhury went USA  to attend some official program. While returning back from US the stopover was in Frankfurt, in airport VIP lounge some foreign journalists asked Sh  Choudhury regarding India’s planes and programs to meet energy requirements. Sudden unexpected situation he advocated the use of Gobar Gas to generate electricity etc. By the time he reaches India Smt Gandhi snatched the energy ministry from Sh Choudhury.

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Sh R C Agarwal your Tea was not accepted by Uttarakhand Police, Sub Inspector B P Singh’s report misfired

Today evening around 18:15 hrs SSP, Dehradun marked Sh Jagdish Kumar, T O ‘C’s request to CO, City, Dehradun for proper investigation for action in atrocity against Sh R K Agrawal, Principal Associated Director, Outstanding scientist, Scientist ‘H’ (although promotion got with false claim of Project NARAD), which was duly authenticated  by  another Agrawal i.e. Director, DEAL, Sh R C Agarwal who was got two service extensions as he is having international stature  as DoPT criteria for service extension beyond age of 62 years is only for those scientists or medical professional who possessed international stature in their respective field.

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Dr. K Tamilmani,DS,DG(Aero) along with six senior officials of GTRE, CEMILAC and DG Office Visiting DMSRDE, Kanpur

Dr Tamilmani’s hidden agenda of visiting Kanpur is to show the Dr. D C Pande’s fact finding report to Dr  A K Saxena and his team. In fact the report is too voluminous because the DMSRDE dozen corruption case leads lot other files too and so Dr. Tamilmani asked six senior officials to carry those procurement files which are too heavy due to corruption because everyone knows the wrongdoings carries lot of weight.

Agenda for public – to review project “Development of high oxidative & thermal stability oils (Hots Oil)”

Dinner with all scientists G and project team (one or two special invitee DMSRDEians better know who are they)

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RTI- HRD- DIPAS, DRDO Scientist Smt Geetha’s fake certificate case (Dr W Selvamurty’s daughter)

To                                                        26th August 2014
Sh. Rajesh Kumar Singh,
CPIO,Under Secretary,
NEW DELHI – 110 001


Kindly provide me with the following information requested under the purview of the Right to Information (RTI) Act, 2005 in respect of representation/complaint to Honorable Minister Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani dated 3rd June 2014 Subject: Fake Experience Certificate issued from Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Centre for Bio-medical Research North Campus, Delhi University.

  1. Certified Copy of remark/note by Minister Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani
  2. Present status  of representation/complaint
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DRDO lab Directors expert in manipulations whether it is Software Radio or Atrocities on SC/ST

An official of DEAL, DRDO Sh. Jagdish Kumar, Technical Officer ‘C’ reported to SSP, Dehradun against the crime committed by Sh. R K Agarwal, Scientist ‘H’ Principal Associate Director, (Farzi Designation because as per RTI information there is no such gazette notification), DEAL.

Thanks to RTI Act 2005 which is strong and effective weapon against corrupt officials.

RTI revealed that Sh R C Agarwal fully supported and extended all his official powers to protect his Agarwal bandhu Sh. R K Agarwal, Sc ‘H’

  1. SSP, Dehradun same day i.e. 4/6/2014 sent Sh. Jagdish Kumar, Technical Officer ‘C’ to Thana Raipur for inquiry.
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सुस्ती का स्मृति चिन्ह (Souvenirs of sloth)

susti ka smiriti chinh

DRDO Awards 2014, Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi

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Reply by CVO, MOD regarding CEPTAM -06 DRDO Recruitment Scam

Following points were raised.

DRDO Hqrs made it a mockery and laughing object. DRDO has violated SRO from beginning of CEPTAM and there are several cases pending in CAT/High courts all across the India.

The recent recruitment drive tells a different story.

CEPTAM – 06 Advertisement Published in Employment News dated 04-10th May, 2013.

No of post advertised in various categories – 844

Approximately 5 lakhs application received (excluding hundreds of applications misplaced)

Approximately 1 lakh applications were rejected for silly reasons (example followed)

Approximately 2 lakhs candidates not able to appear for examination held on 25th August 2013

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