Request for the sanction of fund from Prime Minister’s relief fund for filing PIL

To                                                                                                             9th December 2014
Honorable Shri Narendra Modi
Prime Minister
PMO, Room No -102 South Block
New Delhi-110011

SUBJECT: Request for the sanction of fund from Prime Minister’s relief fund for filing PIL

Honorable Sir,

                          The foul smell coming out of DRDO in particular the misuse of government funds and misinterpretation of government rules have been sent to successive government since 2001.

So far barring a few dent the fundamental change expected by countryman have not been observed, may the reason known to successive Defence Ministers.

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PIL- Grounds


  1. BECAUSE, Shri Avinash Chander , DS was granted extension for two terms, 60 years to 62 years (01 Dec 2010 -30 Nov 2012) and 62 to 64 years(01 Dec 2012 to 30 Nov 2014). Extension in the service beyond the age of superannuation covered under the 2nd and 3rd proviso of FR 56(d) and various OMs issued by DOPT. The procedure for grant of extension to the Scientists is laid down in DOPT DO letter No. 28/19/2000-EO(SM-II) dated the 10th July, 2000, OM No.  26012/6/2002-Estt. (A) dated 9th December 2002, OM No. 26012/8/2011-Estt. (A) dated 16 May 2011, OM No. 26012/12/2013-Estt.(A) dated 13 June, 2013 and OM No. 26012/7/2013-Estt.(A.IV) dated 26 Jun 2013.
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PIL – Annexures – 1-28

Annexure- 1



  1. Apprising, assessing and advising RakshaMantri on the influence on National Security of emerging developments in Science and Technology.
  2. Rendering advice to RakshaMantri and to the three services and inter services organisations on all scientific aspects of weapons; weapon-platforms; military operations; surveillance;support and logistics in all likely theatres of conflict.
  3. To function, with the concurrence of the Ministry of External Affairs, as the nodal coordinating agency of the Ministry of Defence on all matters relating to Instruments of Accord with foreign Governments relating to the acquisition of technologies whose export to India is the subject of national security related controls of foreign Governments.
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DRDO Greets New Defence Minister With Successful LRSAM Test

By Hemant Kumar Rout | ENS Published: 10th November 2014 -The Indian Express

BALASORE: Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) on Monday greeted new Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar with the successful test firing of new generation state-of-the-art long range surface-to-air missile (LRSAM) Barak-8.


A model of Barak-8 missile | EPS

Defence sources said the missile, developed jointly by the DRDO and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), was test launched from the weapon test range in the Negev desert of Israel at about 10.20 am as per Indian time.
A DRDO release stated that the missile successfully intercepted a manoeuvring air-breathing target mimicking an attacking combat aircraft. The test also validated all the elements related to the naval and land-based variants of the missile including the phased array radar, battle management system, communications and the interceptor.

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एन आर आई वैज्ञानिकों को अब वतन लौटने पर मलाल

dainik jagran 6 Dec 2014 2

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DRDO, DG is on Contractual Appointment – Who will see the pain of CMSDS, KolKata

The employees of CMSDS, DRDO unit in Kolkata are not getting salary for last 8 moths and the authority is totally silent over this issue, in spite of all number of requests they are quite. Because the whole DRDO machinery was busy for ensuring to continue  their DG’s contractual appointment.

Why because the Sh Avinash Chander will going to save all corrupt and incompetent scientists like he is uttering that the Rath costing 2.5 crores plus 1 year hard work of 50 technical force, this all was done from scrap and waste material of R&D(E), Pune.

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Bombay HC pulls up DRDO for building motorised temple chariot

December 2, 2014
The notice comes after allegations emerged that one of DRDO’s laboratory, which makes combat vehicles, spent Rs 2.5 crore public money to build a rath for a temple.
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Voice of sufferer Scientists of DRL,DRDO, Tezpur

Dear Sir,

            Nobody is getting transfer from drl  due to unlawful  behavior of Dr vijay Veer and previous director Dr Lokendra singh . peoples are going to CAT . but some chamcha are getting both transfer and outstanding promotion like DR Anurag Pandey Sc C joined drl at 31/08/09 and got twice transfer (document attached) first from DRL to DRDE and then DRDE to nagpur near is home town in public interest  .Even he did not complete his tenure of 3 year as mentioned in his joining letter (attached). because he developed some fake product like  TERMICLEAR which is carcinogenic (AMES test positive) also got scientist of the year award in 2010. he also developed herbal Painout in which there is nothing Herbal. he also got Outstanding promotion in 4 years.
jay ho chamchagiri ki.
Received – Tue, Dec 2, 2014 at 5:34 PM
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Bikram Vohra -Dec 02 2014 : The Times of India (Delhi)
Sycophancy actually has classic Greek antecedents which makes sense because it is a classic act. The first sycophants were those who reported to the courts in ancient Greece about who was doing what to whom largely without proof… nothing much has changed since then and our army of lick spittle and belly crawlers have refined it to a science and an art.
In fact, with this capability being of the essence for survival it is pretty much on the cards that one day very soon it will be a post graduate course in a good university . You see, sycophancy or toadying up to the boss is a highly functional option to hard work and industry because bosses love it. Endless flattery to keep the ego swollen, gales of laughter to accompany frightful jokes, sprays of praise drenching the CEO, the more blatant the better. Even the bosses who pretend to have the intellect to ‘see through it’ enjoy the fantail of fawning Uriah Heeps who act as a backdrop for them. And it is not just about politicians, it is across the board.

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Sh Avinash Chander’s, DG, DRDO, SA to RM, Secretary, DRD, Contractual Appointment

To                                                                                                         2nd December 2014
Hon’ble Shri Manohar Parrikar,
Defence Minister,
Room No 104, South Block, MoD,
New Delhi-110011



  1. Letter No. 12/9/2013-EO(SM-I), Government of India, Secretariat of the Appointment Committee of Cabinet, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions , dated 31 May 2013 regarding The appointment of Shri Avinash Chander beyond his date of retirement i.e. 30.1 1.2014 on contract basis.
  2. Print Release, Press Information Bureau, Government of India, Ministry of Defence, 28November2014 18:48 IST

Hon’ble Sir,

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