Dear Dr Saraswat Ji Good Evening                                                   5th August 2011

Please ask your aides that DRDO employees who are working very hard in harsh environment and giving their best to organization are also the part of DRDO family. And if they ignore their grievances, then be ready to face the exposer of each and every corrupt activity whether it is related to benefiting their family members and wards in recruitment or business.

Please go through the following mail and do needful at the earliest.

Thanking you


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from    sfcemployees
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date    Fri, Aug 5, 2011 at 9:57 AM
subject           sfc employees rights violation
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Hello sir,

Thanks for your initiative against your corruption in DRDO. We hope you will also fight human rights violation in DRDO. Please publish this letter in your website and kindly send a copy to SA, defence minister and prime minister for their kind help and consideration.


SF Complex is located at ??? (We Don’t know exactly!!!).

The official address of SF Complex, is “SF COMPLEX, AIRPORT TERMINAL BUILDING, JAGDALPUR-494001”. All of us (the employees) of SFC are given appointment letters with above address as reporting place. But, all are forced to report at the above address as well as at its work centre located at Girola village, Bakawand block, Bastar district. This location is completely out of 40 Kms away from municipality (Jagdalpur) of the official address.

Where should all the employees report? As per rule they should report at the place of posting as per the appointment letter. But it is not so. Is it (forcing to report at other place) not violation of an employee’s right to report at the posting place? Sometimes management says that reporting place is at Girola and sometimes Airport terminal building, Jagdalpur. It is clear cut case of harassment that we are facing here. Let me site the example: one of the scientists, named Shri Kushal Sahoo, was killed in an accident near Bakawand last year while returning from the Girola site to Jagdalpur in Bolero vehicle. Bakawand police station filed FIR and accident report (you can refer the same with the police station). When settling the case the DRDO HQs asked the official movement order to consider it as death while performing duty. As the movement order was not issued actually (even for the all of us) for him and few more travelling in the same vehicle who are also injured, management of SF Complex made a statement of case stating that “Kusahl Sahoo is travelling for the purpose of meeting at Airport Terminal Building, Jagdalpur office”. Why this kind of statement if the travelling from Jagdalpur to Girola and back is official and as per the rule? After this accident all the staff took a decision and reported at posting place only. This happened for two days and later management has interfered and threatened to report at Girola. If we don’t report we will get termination letter as many of us are on probation. Later we were forced to apply for leave for that two days otherwise there will be serious action. And finally we were forced to report at Girola. Is it not violation of our right? Reporting at posting place is not correct? Then why appointment letters were given like that? After this episode management called the great DIRECTOR-DOP, Dr ARUN KUMAR and then DIRECTOR ASL, AVINASH CHNANDER. These people have come and told us that Girola is reporting place, not airport terminal building Jagdalpur, and shouted, threatened to do any extent if we don’t report at Girola. Working hours are considered from the time reported at Girola to time left from there.

Sir please tell us what we have to do? We have to follow appointment letters or we have to live in miserable and harassed life? We have to travel unofficially without movement orders like this? Even buses are already outdated and crossed their service life and travelling without vehicle move order. If, any, accident happens to these vehicles, who is responsible? Director, ASL or General Manager, SF Complex?

Kindly solve our problem as Director, DOP or Director, ASL or GM, SFC will not solve this problem. Please allow us to work in peaceful environment to make DRDO and our nation great!!!.

SFC Employees, Jagdalpur.

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