DRDO disowns chief controller, says he is retired

DRDO claims Dr Pillai has retired even though its website shows otherwise

ABHINANDAN MISHRA New Delhi | 17th Nov 2012               Sunday Guardian

The Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) has refused to acknowledge that Dr Sivathanu Pillai is the chief controller of research and development in the organisation, despite the fact that Pillai is still very much a part of DRDO. Pillai’s post is regarded as the second most senior defense scientist post in the country, just after the position of Scientific Adviser to the Defense Minister.

Dr Sivathanu Pillai

His name also does not feature on the list of senior scientists who are presently serving on an extension with DRDO. Pillai, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Brahmos Aerospace, was granted his third post retirement extension last year.

When contacted, Ravi Gupta, the spokesperson of DRDO said that Pillai’s name is not on the list of senior scientists who have got extension because he has retired from DRDO after getting two extensions as no further extension is possible beyond the age of 64.

However, the DRDO telephone directory of 2012 mentions Pillai’s name and carries his designation as CC of R&D in DRDO on page number 4 and his Delhi number has been listed there. Similarly, the invitation card of National Institute of Technology, Kozhikode, that was held last month, where Dr Pillai was the chief guest, mentions his designation as CC, R&D in DRDO.

Gupta also added that Pillai’s name will be removed from DRDO’s website. However, even after three weeks of this correspondent speaking to Gupta, DRDO’s website still shows Pillai as the CC of R&D.

This mysterious disappearance of the name from the seniority list and the fact that DRDO is denying that Pillai is still a part of DRDO has raised questions about why the government is not “acknowledging” that a third extension has been given to Pillai.

Third extensions are given very rarely, if at all. This was acknowledged by Gupta too, who said that third extension beyond the age of 64 is not possible. Pillai was given his first extension in 2007 by Defence Minister A.K. Antony.

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5 Responses to DRDO disowns chief controller, says he is retired

  1. coman man says:

    DRDO is Chor Agency of MoD . anybody can do fack document and joint DRDO . why CVC & CBI keep Quit ? this is time for take action against all drdo lab . if this action take by CVC & CBI the corruption is clean and corrupt kick out from DRDO .

  2. coman man says:

    Disclose information related to corruption cases: CIC to CBI
    New Delhi, Nov 2, 2012 (PTI)
    Holding that information related to allegations of corruption has to be provided even by organisations exempted under the RTI Act, the CIC has directed CBI to provide all information pertaining to corruption cases.

    Chief Information Commissioner Satyananda Mishra directed the agency to consider on case-to-case each request seeking information about allegations of corruption and see if they do not attract other exemption clauses.

    CBI was included in the second schedule of the Section 24 of the RTI Act which allows national and security organisations of the country listed under it from making any disclosures under the transparency.

    However, information pertaining allegations of corruption and human rights violations do not come under the exemption.

    In a case related to RTI application filed by activist C J Karira, CBI argued before the CIC that the agency by large probed cases related to allegations of corruption and disclosing such information would make the exemption given to it “totally infructuous.”

    The agency, which is probing number of high profile corruption cases such as 2G scam, NRHM scam, Illegal ore mining, CWG scam, Tatra BEML scam besides other such cases pleaded that disclosure of information would defy the objective of keeping it in the exemption list.

    “It (section 24 of the RTI Act) does not make any distinction between the exempted organisations on the basis of the functions they perform nor between allegations of corruption on the basis whether it is made against the employees of the exempt organisation or others,” Mishra held.

    He said it is true that CBI is primarily responsible for investigating into all cases of corruption cases by public servants of the Central Government.

    Mishra said most of the information CBI holds would have “nexus with allegations of corruption.”

    “It is also true that proviso to section 24 of the RTI Act would make it necessary for the CPIO to entertain all such RTI applications(related to allegations of corruption), rendering the exclusion of the organisation from the operations of the RTI Act almost pointless. This cannot be helped as the law is quite clear; this particular section does not exclude the exempt organisations from the RTI Act completly,” Mishra said.

    In the order, he said that exemption given to security organisations under the RTI Act is a “qualified exemption.”

    “It is possible that in some of the security and intelligence organisations, the information held, by and large, may not have much nexus with either the allegations of corruption or with human rights violation,” he said.

    He said while the proviso casts a duty on the CPIO to entertain the RTI application seeking such information, all such informatioin can be disclosed only subject to the provisions of the RTI Act.

    “In other words, if any such information is otherwise exempt under any of the exemption provisions, there is no obligation to disclose such information. All such requests would have to be dealt with on a case to case basis and appropriate order passed,” he said.

  3. coman man says:

    Dear Reader ,
    Now new rule for making explosive of drdo. any body can make explosive in own house like HMX , RDX , TATB , ABB , CL20 , everybody make this type explosive in own house as per HEMRL Rule . Explosive license is not required for this explosive , if GOCO is exempt for license all other manufacturer is exempt under this GOCO rule , GOCO meance Viswaat Chemical . please make explosive and support to drdo for making missile for corruption.
    thank you

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