DRDO and EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse)

We celebrated the “Vijay Divas” and remembered our Jawans and officers who laid their life in the “Kargil War,” 1999.
Nuclear conflict was a deterrent and the then government did not cross L-O-C. Kargil war compelled us to work hard on the front of enhance our Nuclear war head capability (a) Carrier (b) Protect our own electronic communication devices from Nuclear generated EMP, it is the event of Nuclear burst. DRDO has assigned the task in 1999
i)              To explore the protection mechanism against Nuclear generated EMP.
ii)             To explore the in house development of Non-Nuclear generated EMP i.e. EM Bomb
After 10 years general public has the right to know the progress made by DRDO in this most strategically important area and what amount of money has been spent by DRDO on this task.
DRDO has become the heaven of “bluffers” and the best part is that there is no `Accountability’. DRDO is functioning like an autonomous body except the fact that the salary is given by the Government of India.
If our honorable Defence Minister think to import Nuclear Protections Devices and EM Bombs for our Armed Forces, the price of rice will be go up @ Rs 200 per Kg and Atta (flour) will be cost @ Rs 150 per Kg.
But our honorable Defence Minister feels that he and his government is accountable to common people, than first fixing the accountability on 30000 strong, and so call highly qualified, highly paid work force with having more than Rs.80000 crores of infrastructure and utilizing, non-productively, a massive  budget of Rs 9000 crores annually.
Accountability is the foremost step towards making DRDO from a non-productive to a productive organization. Sideline the ‘Big Bluffers` only allow the projects viable and waited by the Armed Forces Chiefs like project on Nuclear and non Nuclear generated EM capability and protection against EM Bomb.
China unveiled Nuclear Submarine fleet on the occasion of 60th anniversary of its navy on April 2009. Now, with 4000 missiles they are coming closer to India.  

Fighting Corruption in DRDO

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