Constitutional crises in DRDO

DRDO comes under the Ministry of Defence, Government of India and all central government rules are applicable. However, beginning with 1980 (prior to this DRDO was running under defence secretary) when D G (R&D) post was created and approved by cabinet with status of secretary as independent charge of R&D, foundation were laid for an autonomous & central govt. body both. Special status was given for program director of IGMDP with permission sign 10 cr papers while directors/lab heads limitation was 2.5 Lakhs. In the name of science & technology development, recruitments were made to develop defence specific weapons/equipments/infrastructures. A separate recruitment and assessment centre (RAC) was created with consent of UPSC and with approval of government. The absolute empowerment of secretary DRDO gave the individual to implement his decision and with passage of time the interest of nation was over shadowed. The secretary DRDO made the entire lab directors … [Read more...]

How DRDO officials are misleading the Honorable Defence Minister

On the direction of Honorable Defence Minister, a high level committee was constituted under chairmanship of Dr. V. Bhujanga Rao, DS & CC R&D (NS&IC), members were Dr. G Malakondaiah, DS & CC R&D (HR & M), Lt Gen Anoop Malhotra, CC R&D (R&M and Implementation), Brig Ajay Gupta, Vigilance Director and Dr. A K Singh, DOP to find out the truth about the allegations of Sh Prakash Singh, Ex Senior Admin Officer, LESTECH, Metcalf House, Delhi.  (Copy of CVO MOD enclosed) What are the allegations? The recruitment of Ms Swati Srivastava as Scientist ‘B’ was totally manipulated by  Dr Arun Kumar, DOP,OS, Scientist ‘H’.(Ex) The recruitment of Ms Geetha as Scientist ‘C’ was totally manipulated by Dr W Selvamurthy, DS & CC R&D (LS & IC) (now Ex) The recruitment of Mrs T Chandrabanu as Scientist ‘F’ was totally manipulated by the team led by Dr W Selvamurthy, DS & CC R&D (LS & IC) (now Ex) Misinterpretation of rules and … [Read more...]