Helpless India

To                                                                                                       11th September 2011 The Defence Minister Room No -104, South Block New Delhi – 110011 Reference: a)  Your letter No 1409-VIP/RM/2011 dated 21st March 2011                        b)  Your letter No 1409-VIP/RM/2236 dated 20th May 2011 The bomb blast at gate No -5 of High Court, Delhi has once again proved that we are helpless. The government is helpless, Prime Minister is helpless, Home Minister is helpless that is all agencies responsible for protection of common man is helpless. Right hand does not know what left hand is doing. Through this website I raised many issues of DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Government of India and found that no concrete action has been taken because Defence Minister is also helpless. Accountability is missing in each and every level in the DRDO machinery. Accountability is missing therefore unaccountable assets are growing in individuals … [Read more...]